Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rejoice, A Women of Faith CD

I am a total music fanatic, so when I got the chance to review a Women of Faith worship cd, Rejoice...I was all over it!

I was happy to find that some of the songs were ones I already knew, so that helped to draw me into the set...but I also enjoyed learning a few new tunes.  I will admit that I am not always a big fan of straight worship cd's...but for the most part, I enjoyed the tunes chosen for the disc as well as the beautiful voices displayed.  Is a definate go-to in the moments when I am alone in the car, needing to reconnect with my Lord.

Cover Information:
REJOICE captures the unbridled joy, awestruck adoration, and reverent worship audiences experience over the course of a two-day Women of Faith event.
In arena events across the U.S., the Women of Faith Worship Team leads audiences into deeper communion with God. Through the songs on this new studio recording, they bring that experience to the listener, no matter where they are. There’s a sound for every situation; a song for every emotion. This is not just worship for women - it’s music for anyone and everyone who is ready to rejoice over the incomparable love God has for us.
  1. Beautiful Redeemer
  2. So Good
  3. Forever Reign
  4. Come As You Are
  5. Hosanna
  6. Our God
  7. Glory To God
  8. You Brought the Sunshine
  9. Greatness of Our God
  10. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
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