Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Elemental Journal

I snatched this title up for a variety of reasons...I am an avid journaler, it has an amazing cover, and I was looking for new ways to compile my thoughts (outside the written word).  When the package came in the mail, I was so excited to flip thru the colorful pages and was happy to find that the directions were easy to follow and didn't call for a lot of odd tools or resources.

But...and this is probably on me for not paying more attention when I chose it...a lot of what is in the book is more, how shall I say, high end artsy than I personally am.  I wouldn't make most of what is shown because it really just isn't me...and I wouldn't use most of it, if I got them as gifts, for the same reason.  While there are a couple more "practical" items listed, most of the things are just too touch-me-not for this girlie.

Cover Information:
Rusty doorknobs, cardboard containers and plastic packaging may seem like trash to some, but through the creative mind, they are transformed into beautiful expressions - equally parts artful book and assemblage. The Elemental Journal will show you how to craft a wide variety of journals to hold your secrets or express your inner thoughts, and discover new ways to use wood, paper, fabric, plastic and metal in your art.

Peek inside The Elemental Journal and you will find...
15 stepped-out journal projects made from unusual materials and found objects, from tree bark to dismantled photo albums to tin boxes.
Tips for seeking out materials for your journals in flea markets, garage sales, and in your own attic or trash can.
Inspiring gallery projects from 9 contributing artists, including Susan Tuttle, Jen Osborn and Jill Berry.
One artist's trash is another's treasure. Discover yours with The Elemental Journal. overall opinion is that this is a great coffee table book, for all its amazing photos, but not so much a book I will use in journal or craft time.

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**Thomas Nelson provided me this book for review purposes & is allowing me to keep this title once finished. I get no other compensation...other than the chance to fill my heart and soul with an excellent read
(or listen as the case may be). :) **

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