Sunday, November 20, 2011

Torani's Authentic Coffeehouse Flavor

I recently had the opportunity to test flavored syrups from Torani that deliver a coffeehouse taste that you can make in your own home...and while those of you who know me are scratching your head (cuz I don't really DO coffee), I can promise there is a method to my madness. 

My husband is the manager at his work place and so I provided the employees a sweet treat to get them in the mood for the holiday season.  I sent him in with instructions of what to do and what to say...and off he went:

I was sent two types to try:  
...along with coupons and a recipie book for yummy mix-ups.
The feedback was amazing - both the syrups were gone within a week!!  It seems that the hazelnut was the favorite as that disappeared first, but both were highly appreciated!!  I guess the real question is why would you want to spend so much money on drinking a cup of fancy flavored coffee out when you have all these Torani flavored syrups to transform plain coffee into a delish-on-your-couch coffee drink?? 

I can tell you that both smelled fan-tas-tic...all five of my kids walked in to ask what I was baking! :) I tried just a smidge poured over a little vanilla ice cream...and let me say, that alone was reason enough to have gotten those yummy bottles in the mail!!!

You can visit Torani's site and check out their online store out by clicking here.

*All products reviewed were free products given for review purposes only. 
I was given no money for this review and all opinions expressed are mine alone.*


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