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HexBugs ... Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

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Three words:
Boy. Box. Bugs.

When a boy (like ours) lives in a house with four sisters (like his) ... the promise of icky, creepy, Halloween-themed bugs brings much joy.  So when the HexBug box arrived, he was more than happy to take the knife and carve open the lid that contained greatness.

I invited over a bunch of people, put together the Nano Elevation Track, set loose said creepers ... and stood back to enjoy the fun.

even GRANDMA got in on the fun!!

Out of all the things we have had in this house, this was one of the most fun and memorable ... based on the reactions and the amount of people crowding around to cheer on their favorite HexBug as the races were set and wages were thrown.  Hilarious!!

What does the company say about these critters??

HEXBUG Nano Logo

It might be back-to-school season now, but smart moms know that Halloween is hot on its heels! Every Halloween party brings an endless array of sweets for the kids and priceless photo opportunities for moms. This year, we have an extra special addition to your spooky soiree- Limited Edition HEXBUG Nano Halloween Zombie and Glows in the Dark Nano bugs and Habitat Sets from HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures!

The undisputed micro-robotic favorite is back in action, with two new versions that just "scream" Halloween! The Limited Edition HEXBUG Nano Halloween Zombie bugs come complete with their very own coffin, and the Glows in the Dark HEXBUG Nano roaming Glows in the Dark Habitat Sets are perfect for dark and scary evenings.

Hexbug Halloween 3 Hexbug Halloween 4

My Review:
I would again like to thank the makers of HexBugs for their generosity in providing an amazing variety of bugs, tracks and batteries for this review and giveaway.  We were thrilled to host a party for this product and got very enthused reactions to the in-home winners of tracks and bugs for their own home. 

The Positives:
(Simply re-wording my son's impressions, as he finds the creepy a little more cool than I do!!)   The fact that these toys are made to simulate actual bugs is amazing...the majority of the ones provided to use resembled roaches in their size and movements.  The facts that they glow in the dark, scamper in uncontrolable patterns and seem to run forever just make them all the more fun to have around.  The provided tracks for the bugs to run on give lots of room for each bug to walk its own path and allow for fun races.  Adding in that they glow in the dark (like some of the bugs), they are most impressive and much loved!!

Areas of Concern?
(This is mom again...)  The elevation tracks are a little confusing to put together and the provided instructions don't contain many actual words, leaving the user to try to figure out the small pictures of the many pieces included.  I get that the tracks are made to be set up as you want them to be, but some direction is helpful for those of us who have no creativity as far as bug tracks. (haha

As much as I get a little creeped out by the HexBugs, my kids and their friends loved them.  They are fast, buggish and interesting to watch.  The tracks are worth the time of putting together, as the bugs move over every inch of them unaided.  The glow-in-the-dark element was actually a lot of fun to watch as we shut off the lights and let the bugs go...and our entire family was entertained.  Based on the reactions from my son, my daughters (both girlie-girl and tomboy) and all the friends that came to play (adult men included)...these are totally worth the cost and fun.

Want a couple of HexBugs of your very own?  Well, there are couple up for grabs:

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